Bellisimo Blu Salon Opening

Katie Baylett, Editor in Chief

On August 11th, the cosmetology program at HR opened the Bellisimo Blu Salon. The opening ceremony included DCSD officials, HR councilors, and cosmetology students. Giving the opportunity to celebrate the student’s journey and thank the key people involved.

   The ceremony was able to provide the staff with the opportunity to see the space and the students in action. “It ultimately went off exactly as we planned and people had a great time chatting with the students and teachers, watching the students demonstrate services, eating some snacks, and scheduling appointments,” said Kerith Stuebinger, Assistant Principal.

The HR staff cutting the ribbon at the grand opening ceremony. Photo courtesy of Bellisimoblu on Instagram.

   When coming up with ideas for the name of the Salon, the students and staff helped brainstorm a few ideas. “The admin team really wanted some nod to HRHS, but the cosmo students wanted it to be a bit more general so that it represented all of the schools,” said Stuebinger.

   Mr. Mitchell always told his students a cosmetologist’s job was to make people feel beautiful. So one of the name options was Bellismo  Blu, meaning beautiful blue in French. The name was able to combine the two ideas of making someone feel beautiful and also include HR with the blue. The students in the program voted and overwhelmingly Bellisimo Blu won.

   Kelly Osorio Rios, a second-year cosmetology student, gave her thoughts on the opening ceremony. “I was excited to see everyone that was going to come to the grand opening and to see all the new clients we are getting. But I was also nervous because of all the different services I’m going to have to give at some point, or not knowing what service I might have to give,” said Kelly Osorio Rios, senior. 

   The Salon gives students hands-on experience with how a real salon would run before they can get their license. Students run a consultation with a client, plan their service, clear that service with their teacher, and then perform that service. The Salon being open also helps the students to learn about the business side of cosmetology. The students charge a fee for their work, which will cover the cost of the product. 

   Joining cosmetology can open up a lot of job opportunities for students in the future. The students of HR can learn more about the program through their open house that will be hosted later this year. “Cosmo is open to anyone willing to work hard, learn more about themselves, work as an individual and a team member, hone their skills, develop passion, and ultimately grow in a craft that opens a variety of future opportunities,” said Stuebinger. 

   Any student can make an appointment by calling the salon’s number 303-387-2533 or walk-ins are available as well.