HR gets a new security guard to start off this year


Every year, schools around the country hire security guards to ensure the safety of their students. This year, HR has a new security guard, Logan O’Neill, who is currently the coach of the Softball team.

O’Neill began coaching softball last year, and was previously a baseball coach for over six years before coming to HR to coach. Around that time, O’Neill had worked in multiple different areas relating to baseball. O’Neill said, “I did a couple internships with business partners, stayed out in Nebraska for the amateur baseball team there, so I’ve done a bunch of different things like that, and got to play a little bit of amateur baseball for a while.”

He chose the position of security guard because he was told that there was a job opportunity that opened up at the school while he was still coaching the softball team. O’Neill said, “I knew I would be coaching here, and they told me that there was a job available to be a security guard. Since I am already working with kids, I figured as much that I might as well take advantage of it.”

Logan O’Neill stands at the front security desk on the student entrance side of the building. Photo by Jaysen Anderson

O’Neill has had prior experience working with kids and getting to know them, so he accepted the offer to be a member of security. Seth Dennis, senior security guard, said, “He’s been doing pretty good. He gets pretty personal with the students, he knows them, and coaches well, so he really knows how to talk with them.”

Although O’Neill is new to the security position, he has been making connections with the student body since school started this year. “I wanna make sure everyone has a safe year, but more than anything I wanna make sure everyone enjoys their high school experience, no matter if it’s their freshman year, or their senior year,” said O’Neill, “I wanna make sure everyone enjoys their time while they’re here.” 

Jaysen Anderson, Staff Reporter