Biden Visits Boulder County


In the most destructive blaze in Colorado history, the Marshall fire that burned through more than 6000 acres and nearly 1000 homes in Boulder County has impacted tens of thousands of residents. On Dec 30, 2021, Governor Jared Polis declared a state of emergency, allowing the state to deploy emergency funds and resources including Colorado National Guard. President Joe Biden has decided to visit Boulder County to tour the area of the Marshall fire burn scar. 

Infographic by Kirstie Ko

According to here’s the breakdown of his arrival today:

At 9:15 AM this morning, the President and the First Lady departed the White House on route to Joint Base Andrews, a military facility located in Prince George’s County, Maryland. 

At 10:10 AM, the President and First Lady depart Joint Base Andrews on route to Denver International Airport.

At around 2:15 PM, they arrived at DIA and a few minutes later at 2:35, they departed DIA heading to Louisville, Colorado to tour the burn area. 

At 4:35 PM, the President and the First Lady met with families who were impacted by the Marshall Fire and he delivered his brief remarks on his Administration’s response to these wildfires. 

According to CNN, “The President has announced new federal response plans that include paying firefighters more, extending seasonal hiring, adding “surge capacity” by training and equipping additional personnel and bolstering fire detection resources. He said the administration would tap into satellite and emerging technologies to rapidly detect new fires.”

At 5:15 PM, the President delivers his speech to the people of Colorado. 

Biden starts off his speech by speaking about the numerous losses with fires in the past year, “We’ve had over 99 billion dollars in loss in the last year so there’s nothing more frightening than a fire in my view,” said Biden.

As he continues to speak to the community he ensures that his administration will do everything they can to provide needed resources,  “My message to everyone impacted by this fire is that not only are you helping each other but we’re here with you, the federal governors are not going to go away,” said Biden. 

Biden then reviews the situation of the fire and how the strong winds impacted the build up of the flames. “We can’t ignore the fact that these fires may have been impacted by change in climate,” said Biden.

He ends his speech by telling the community how they are in the thoughts of many around the nation, “By the way the whole nation’s thinking about you, they are praying for you. Let’s spread the faith and get it done.”

After his speech at 6:45 PM, the President and The First Lady will depart from the Denver International Airport en route to the Harry Reid International Airport.

At 7:25 PM, the President and The First Lady arrive in Las Vegas, Nevada, for former Governor Harry Reid’s funeral.

Kirstie Ko, Online Editor