Exploring the 2023 Senior Assassin

Katie Baylett, Editor in Chief

   The class of 2023 has officially started this year’s game of senior assassin. The game was first played last year, as the class of 2022 took inspiration from other local schools’ games to start their version of it. Senior assassin was such a hit amongst last year’s class that the current senior class decided to create their spin on it. 

   The game offers seniors the ability to pair up with a partner and try to eliminate the team they have been assigned. The game participants use water guns to get other players out but players can also wear floaties to make them immune when someone attempts to assassinate them. The last team still standing at the end of the game will win the overall jackpot of $641. 

One of the first kills of the game. Photo courtesy of hrhs_senior_assassin_2023 on Instagram.

   This year’s game of senior assassin has recently become the talk of the school, as students of all grade levels can watch the game unfold on the senior assassin’s Instagram. “Being able to watch other teams get out on Instagram makes the game more exciting, I’m glad I’m participating in this my senior year.” said senior, Airilei Mccann. 

   Each year the game is created and run by an anonymous individual from the current senior class. When asked about planning the game the organizer said, “The planning process was pretty simple, I mostly just went off the rules of last year’s game. I designed the posts and the google form a while before the actual game started. Some things like purge days and holidays were planned as I went since I got a lot of helpful feedback from people.”

   One major factor in the planning process this year was avoiding some of the problems in last year’s game. Last year the game started in late January and ran into the summer, this year’s game started in October which the organizer said was intentional to stop that from happening again. Last year’s organizers also played the game which caused some problems. “ I know there were a lot of controversies because the people who ran last year also participated and I wanted to avoid that controversy altogether.” said this year’s organizer. 

   So far the game this year has been running pretty smoothly. When asked about drama the organizer said, “There hasn’t been a ton but there has been some. It gets resolved pretty easily and almost everybody has been pretty easy to work with.” Compared to last year’s senior assassin, this year’s game has been a lot more drama-free, and all the participants hope this will continue. 

   “I’d just thank them for being good sports and being patient when I have to change things,” said the organizer. So far only a couple out of the 65 teams have gotten out. As the game has just recently started and will develop more in the next few months.