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A look at Dune; one of the biggest science fiction movies of 2021

With its release on Oct. 22, 2021, Dune stands out as one of the biggest science fiction movies that came out of this year; it made over $40 million in the North American box office during its opening week, according to IMDb. This goes to show there probably won’t be another sci-fi film like it, as it was one of the most anticipated films to come out this year.

Dune spotlights the protagonist Paul Atreides, an intelligent and gifted young man born into a great destiny that he will soon understand. He will have to go to the most dangerous planet in their universe to save his people and protect his family, all while experiencing a major conflict over a valuable resource that allows for space travel. This movie has been put into two parts, so more will be covered later. 

The movie starts off pretty slow, but has its moments of action, with most of it occurring near the end of the movie, which helps set up the climax that will be seen in the second movie. If anything, I see this movie as a slow and steady set-up for what’s to come about in the second one. The ending of the movie reinforces this idea perfectly as Paul and his mother finally meet with the desert-dwelling Fremens who take them back to their home to decide their fate. 

Infographic by Jaysen Anderson, Source: IMDb

It does seem like the director of this movie, Denis Villeneuve, really wanted to emphasize on the audience learning about the characters and their roles in the first part of the film series, and will most likely reinforce the plot of the movie more in the second part. The leading cast for this movie was phenomenal. Timothée Chalamet, who played Paul Atreides, did excellent in portraying emotion and overall performance on set, as he met expectations all throughout the film. Rebecca Ferguson, who played Lady Jessica, also did an extremely good job playing the role as Paul’s mother, as she was able to portray the powerful character wonderfully and with confidence. As for Zendaya, I can’t really give an opinion on her performance, as she wasn’t on screen long enough for me to evaluate how she did.

For people who have only seen this movie, and not the original movie from 1984, (or have read the books) a lot of parts of the movie can be somewhat confusing. Even if the plot was confusing at times, it still works really well as it makes the audience understand the characters, all while looming the main plot throughout the film. 

Overall, I will definitely say this movie is a 8 out of 10, and that’s mainly because the producers have done such an outstanding job with the visual effects, the character development, and overall theme of the movie. Although it is an adaptation of the book, I recommend it because they were able to follow pretty close to the book’s themes and overall picture, while also making the movie very flavorful.

Jaysen Anderson, Associate Podcast Editor

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A look at Dune; one of the biggest science fiction movies of 2021