Best basketball shoes of 2020


The 2020-21 basketball season has come and gone, so here’s a look back at the season’s best and most popular basketball shoes.  Nike knocked it out of the park this year with their basketball shoes, as they made quite the noise.

PG4 – The PG4 is Paul George’s fourth signature shoe. “Paul George is the rare high-percentage shooter who’s also a coach’s dream on defense. Designed for his unrivaled ability to play offense and defense, the PG 4 unveils a new cushioning system that’s lightweight, articulated and responsive, ideal for players like PG,” according to the Nike website.

These shoes come with a strobel board sole under the foot to replace Nike’s usual Zoom sole. The Zoom tech works by using tensile fibers that are compressed when your foot lands and then springs back into action, creating a push-off effect in the sole of the shoes. The strobel sole is built to give the player a cloud-like feeling on their feet while still having a feel for the court. This shoe comes built with a knit upper with a zipper in the middle to give the player more stability and keep the foot in place while making side-to-side cuts on the defensive end as well. I wore these for some of this past season and the strobel sole used in the soles is second to none. They are the comfiest shoes on the market.

These are the PG4’s. Photo Courtesy of

Zoom Freak 2 – The Zoom Freak 2 is Giannis Autetokoumpo’s second signature shoe. This shoe comes with Nike’s Zoom sole which is what was updated from his last signature shoe, the Zoom freak 1. With Nike’s step to the second edition of Giannis’ shoes, the biggest change they made was moving the Zoom sole from the heel to the forefoot, providing the player with a better feel for the court. 

These are the Zoom Freak 2. Photo courtesy of

“This past season, I wore Giannis’ 2nd signature shoe, the Zoom Freak 2. I wore these shoes because they had a lot of support. They were also very light weight, and they were super sticky on the court,” said Max Lane, sophomore. As well as changing the sole, Nike also made a big step up with the traction of this shoe in the forefoot, where most of your time is spent playing.

Kyrie 3 Low – The Kyrie 3 Low is Kyrie Irving’s third signature low top shoe. Irving has his normal “Kyrie” shoe that is on its seventh edition, along with his “Kyrie Low” signature shoe. Although the Kyrie 3 Low lacks cushion in the sole, this allows for great court feel and grip. Feel, grip, and responsiveness are very important to Kyrie’s shifty game, which allows him to break down defenders with his ball handling. 

These are the Kyrie 3 Low’s. Photo courtesy of

“I wore the Kyrie 3 Lows this past basketball season because they were super lightweight and they had a great feel while playing,” said Mason Moyle, junior and varsity basketball player. Kyrie is a lightning quick guard with insane dribbling, shooting, and finishing skills, so it only makes sense for him to have a well-rounded shoe, to allow him to perform at his best.

Jack Bakken, Staff Reporter