New Year New You

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2015 yayyyyyy. PhotoCo:
2015 yayyyyyy. PhotoCo:

At the start of every year, most people make a New Year’s resolution. Resolution’s have something to do with self improvement. For example, most people want to work on their weight or they want to find love. The point of having a resolution is to give people hope in the new year. Staying consistent with your resolution is hard, however by following a few steps it becomes easier.

It’s a new year, people get to start off fresh. The problem is, a lot of people are not consistent when it comes to maintaining their resolution. According to the University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology, the percentage of people in America who stay consistent with their resolution halfway through the year is less than 50%.

To stay consistent with your resolution, you must make it something that you really want, so you feel more motivated to do it. You also have to make a plan. Rather than stating one giant goal, create a series of smaller steps to reach it. It would also help if you worked on this resolution with someone so you can talk about it and help each other.

A lot of resolutions are not that hard, Mr.Goings, principal said, “My resolution is to be happy and healthy.” His resolution is not hard at all, as long as he thinks happy he will be happy.

Mr. Robinson, coach, said, “ My new year’s resolution is to be the best Falcon I can be.” He also has an easy resolution because he is already being the best Falcon he can be. Robinson has done many things that help the school, like starting the “Respect the Ranch” campaign, which helps students realize that they need to clean up the school and give it some respect.

New year’s is great because it’s a clean slate from your mistakes and it helps you get focused on your goal. Having a resolution can help inspire you to make your dreams come possible. Consistency is the key for making your resolution feasible.

Tristan Garner, staff reporter