HR theater department performs “Almost Maine”


Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 2.10.48 PM.png
“Almost Maine” cast members. Photo courtesy of Ella Schneckloth

   The “Almost Maine” production put on by the HR theater department had its opening night on Thursday the 7th of November. The story is a romantic comedy that the cast and crew have been working on since mid-September.

   Before the show, Doyle Hanks, theater teacher and the director of the show, said, “A good romantic comedy has everything- it has pain, it has love, it has joy and romance. And that’s what this show has because it absolutely evokes those feelings.”

   There were a total of 19 characters and they were played by a total of 11 actors and actresses, thus making the show unique. The setting of the show was northern Maine and the plot occurred over the course of one-night which gives a rarely seen perspective of time passing because you saw 12 lives that were all occurring at the same time.

   This show, in particular, had a very complicated and elaborate set that the crew spent many hours on. Eric Schwerin, a freshman in tech crew, said, “We probably spent a solid week and a half on the set. But it’s a really, really cool set, so it’s worth it.”

   The set itself included a constant background that was a part of the stage (it was a wooden background). The set also included three pieces that rolled on and off: a door, a diner, and stairs. Though there were multiple other pieces, these were the main ones. These sets were very intricate and it took the tech crew until two days before opening night to complete them.

   After the show, Asella Straus, a freshman usher, said, “The play was very good. It made my soul happy; it was all just so cool to watch and experience.”

Evelyn Wardell, Guest Reporter