HR holds Relay for Life to collect money for cancer research


At the Relay For Life event, students sold luminaries to support, honor, and remember people that have been affected by cancer. This table was filled with colorful markers to decorate the bags that would be placed around the track. Photo Courtesy of Jennah Klein

   Cancer is a very deadly disease many people around the world suffer from every year. With no cure, or aid to prevent cancer, HR held a Relay for Life that lasted 12 hours to raise money for cancer research. Students came together at 7 pm on Nov. 9 and participated in activities all night until 7 am on Sunday morning.

   Teams are formed to raise money outside of school and come together to celebrate the money earned. Partnered with the American Cancer Society, HR’s goal is to raise $20,000 to go towards cancer research and awareness. All funds from Relay for Life are kept locally for research. And by doing the Relay for Life, students staying up for 12 hours symbolizes cancer and how cancer doesn’t sleep. 

   Throughout the night, senate planned many activities such as a themed track that will change several times during the night, a volleyball tournament, dodge ball, cancer survivors talking about their story, board games, and zumba/ yoga sessions. 

   Everyone is connected through cancer, whether it be someone in your direct family, or someone you only see once a week.“Relay for Life not only brings the community together for the same cause, but focuses on all types of cancer,” said Lindsay Englebert, senior. “With Relay for Life, we hope to make a step towards a cure within our community and other participating communities.”

Alex Willman, Staff Reporter