Unified teams compete in annual basketball game


  The Unified basketball game, an annual assembly held every year, recently took place during homeroom on Sept. 17. The game lasted roughly an hour, with everyone cheering both teams on.

  “I’m really excited for the game. I think I’ll score a lot of points,” Nicholas Weber, a member of the HR Unified team, said before the game. “I’m not really nervous for the crowd.”

  The HR Unified team invites the Cresthill Unified team every year for a friendly basketball exhibition game during homeroom. Students make custom signs to root on the teams, and specific players, as they play through all 4 quarters.

  “It’s pretty rad that my brother could play in this,” Cooper Jones, sophomore, and older brother of Everet Jones, a member of the Cresthill Unified team said. “I’m happy he got the opportunity to play for the school.”

Anthony Kargoll, Staff Reporter


Cresthill player hypes up the HR crowd, by pointing towards the juniors. Photo by Anthony Kargoll
Sophomores cheer on the Unified teams. Photo by Anthony Kargoll