Ranch lacrosse makes it to Final Four


 Here we go again. #10 HR upset #2 Arapahoe in the quarterfinal lacrosse game to advance into the semi-finals. This will be the second Final Four for Ranch this year. The first was the one point loss to Cherry Creek in the Final Four of the girls basketball tournament, and as if it was destiny, Ranch took on Cherry Creek in the Final Four lacrosse game.

  The HR team got knocked out of the first round of playoffs by Arapahoe in 2018. In 2019, the varsity boys lacrosse team made history by winning their first playoff game and making it to the Final Four.

 Nick Morrison, sophomore, said, “We entered the playoffs as the tenth seed out of sixteen teams, so we were not ranked the highest. We won round one of playoffs, which we have never done before, so playoffs have gone really well so far.” The boys made it to the semi-finals by beating Arapahoe 8-7.

 Ranch ended up losing the Final Four game to Cherry Creek by a score of 14-3, bringing the season to an end. A 12-6 record for the lacrosse team leaves them with a 66% win rate and a hope to improve on it next season.

Next year the team will have lost a very talented senior class. Sophomore Jack Boomgarden said, “It gives younger players a chance to step up, but it will be different considering they are 6 out of our 10 starters.”

Nick Morrison looks for a pass. Photo Courtesy of Nick Morrison