‘A night in New York’, or in HR


formal news infographic
All the details for the winter semi-formal. Graphic by Taylor Means

  This Saturday, Jan. 26, the winter semi-formal will take place in the upper gym from 8-11pm. Tickets cost $10 at the Senate window, if purchased beforehand, or $15 at the door of the dance. The ticket profits are going to be funding prom.

  This year, the event is mostly being put on by the sophomore senate class. Cami Daniels, sophomore, said, “The planning and advertising has taken us over two months within our class, with all the poster making and calls we’ve had to complete to make it possible.” They also had to spend those two months deciding on a theme.

  The theme for this years’ dance is ‘New Years: A Night in New York’. Alexa Klauser, sophomore, said, “ We chose this because we wanted to switch up how people see formal and make it more of a fun way to kick in second semester.” Senate debated between ideas like four seasons or The Nutcracker before deciding on the final theme.

  In order to keep the theme going, there is a suggested form of attire for Saturday. Daniels said, “As for the dress code, we want it to be very easygoing in efforts to boost our attendance. It’s a blackout, with girls wearing casual dresses and guys wearing button ups and casual dress pants.” They also want students to try and incorporate silver and gold accessories to live out the New Year’s vibe.

  Another detail used in the planning of ‘A Night in New York’ is the idea of a Sadie Hawkins dance. A Sadie Hawkins is traditionally when girls ask guys to a dance for a little bit of a role reversal. Daniels said, “It is a Sadie’s, but we are advertising it as come as you are, date or not. We don’t want students to feel like they have to have a date to have fun.”

  One way Senate decided to bring that fun aspect they are hopeful for is by adding in a professional DJ. Daniels said, “We have hired a new DJ who seems to fit our liking more than previous years and should give everyone a better playlist at the dance.” They are using the DJ to hopefully attract more students and make formal enjoyable to a wider range of people.

  Formal this year is an advertisement for prom, so the more people that attend, the more money Senate will have to put on the 2019 prom. Klauser encourages students also go because, “it’s a great reason to dress up and have a fun night with your friends!”

Taylor Means, Editor in Chief