The date for prom changes



  The date for prom 2019 has been changed by student senate to be on April 5, a Friday, versus in past years when prom has taken place a few weeks later, usually on a Saturday. The venue is set to be at Mile High Stadium in Denver. 

  Senate teacher Brad Odice, said, “The main reason was that a couple of students approached me and the original day was on Passover of the Jewish holiday and also after Good Friday. Both of those we thought it was important to honor our students.”

  Ushmi Akruwala, junior, and member of 2020 senate, shares whether because the date will be moved up, if this will cause there to be more or less upperclassman attending prom. “Honestly, I don’t think it will make a difference. The number of Jewish kids at the school is small. Although, the date we changed it to is the weekend before the SAT for juniors. So, personally, I think that fewer kids will come.”  

  Due to prom being on a Friday, Caitlin Barker, senior, said that there won’t be as much time to get ready. “The date change will impact how I get ready because instead of having the whole day to get ready, I’ll have to rush home from school to start getting ready.”

  This is the first year that student senate has made the decision to have prom take place in early April, and it will most likely stay this way for years to come due to Passover and Good Friday taking place close to the usual date of prom.

Hannah McKinney, Staff Reporter

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