A nation wide walkout


  On March 14, there was a 17 minute walkout at 10 a.m. Schools across the nation had teachers, students and other school members leave the school to honor the 17 students lost in the Florida school shooting that took place a month prior.

  The idea started with 17 year old Naomi Giancola, who attends Midwood HS. She felt that the shooting in Florida could have easily happened at her school. Along with her other classmates, they demanded action against gun violence.

  Women’s March Youth EMPOWER organized the walkout to protest Congress because they feel that tweeting out thoughts and prayers isn’t enough to stop the problem. They wanted the walkout to be all inclusive and non-violent.

  Giancola said the goal of the protest was, “We want to honor these people’s lives.Orange was the color to wear during the walkout as that was the color that gun control supporters used.

  According to Fox News, some 185,000 students were expected to participate. HR also participated in the walkout, with sophomore Audrey Petersen being one of them. Petersen said, “I walkout to honor the 17 kids that lost their lives in Florida, not to protest against guns.”

  Shannel Swaider, sophomore, described the walkout at HR. She said, “The students left the building all at once for 17 minutes to honor the 17 lives lost in Parkland, Florida last month. We had a few minutes of silence. A few students gave speeches while chants were going on.”

  Swiader said, “Those chants pushed the idea that enough is enough in terms of school shootings. We want change and we want it now.” There is another event on March 24, March For Our Lives, fighting for an America free from gun violence.

Connor Gilpatrick, Staff Reporter

Protesters with their signs, Photo Courtesy of Bella Gross