Wish week preview


  Starting on Feb 1 and lasting until Feb 8, Wish Week will be happening at HR. The HR community will be coming together to help the Wish kid this year, Luke. Money will be raised to help Luke fulfill his wish, and it will be raised through different events like Miracle Minutes and restaurant nights.  According to Make-A-Wish, more than 285,000 kids have had their wishes granted in the US with help from this foundation, and HR will help add Luke to this list and help his dream come true.

  “Luke is a 5 year old boy with leukemia. He was diagnosed when he turned about 4, so he’s been fighting it for nearly two years now. Treatment isn’t going to be done for a couple years, so it’s been a really long road. The Wish Foundation has promised to give him a Disney cruise, which is his dream,” said Zoe Siegel, sophomore.

  In order to make this happen, student senate teamed up with the Make-A-Wish foundation. “We contacted the Make-A-Wish Foundation and they helped us find a child who needed support, and they found us Luke,” said Brad Odice, senate adviser. In order to help Luke fulfill his wish, each day of Wish Week will have many ways to help contribute.

  As a brief overview, every day of the week will have a dress up theme. Thursday, Feb 1 is green, for Luke’s favorite color, and Feb 2 is Tropical day. All of the dress up themes are inspired by Luke’s dreams and interests. The other days can be found in the graphic. In addition, on the first and last days of Wish Week, there will be assemblies. “We will have a kickoff assembly this Thursday, Feb 1, during homeroom. We will kick off the week and do a Miracle Minute, and then we’ll have a restaurant night that night,” said Odice. Penny Stalls will be on Monday, Feb 5 and there will also be a Miracle Minute at the boy’s basketball game against Thunder Ridge on Friday, Feb 2.

  Each day of the week except the last day, Feb 8, there will also be a restaurant night. This means that if you go to the specific restaurant during the time frame given, a part of your purchase will go towards the Wish Week donations. Feb 1 and 2 are Chick-Fil-A paired with Yogurtini, then Jersey Mike’s, respectively. The rest of the days can once again be found in the graphic. Calendars are also posted in the halls and on the school website.

  “The main mission is to bring our school, and staff, students, the community, together to find value in the power of giving, and to help change a kid’s life,” said Odice. “We’re just excited to help a kid out, and student senate has worked really hard to make this a possibility.”

Kaylee Kirkwood, Editor in Chief

The schedule for Wish Week. Graphic by Kaylee Kirkwood