Snowed In aids community


Snowed In week posters of each of the dress up days. Photo by Aidan Cox

  With the semester coming to an end, the Positive Psychology class is trying to bring some fun to such a stressful time. Snowed In is a week of fun dress up days and a time to gather money for those in need.

  Brad Odice, English teacher, said, “Snowed In is a chance for students to relax before finals. Not literally because they are still stressed out, but the idea of dressing up casually and having a little fun with the week is intended to hopefully alleviate the stress of the upcoming months.”

  Snowed In was a big success. Many clubs helped out by decorating and participating in dress up days. Photography classes were taking “family photos” for Friday’s dress up day and many other clubs lent a hand as well. Katie Taylor, social studies teacher, said, “That’s the thing I love about it. You’re getting so many groups like National Honor Society, who cut snowflakes, and Senate got involved too. Getting the whole school involved is my favorite part.”

  Helping the students to have less stress is not the only benefit to Snowed In. 12 families were helped this year. Each hallway throughout the school was assigned a family. Each hallways’ homeroom teachers were given a wishlist for the family they were assigned, and students and teachers raised money in order to buy items off of the families wishlist. Taylor said, “This year is really fun because of the giving piece. For example, having senate piggy-back on it is the coolest thing ever. Because they did all the giving piece, and I believe the sophomore senate class has done an amazing job.”

  Snowed In has raised a total of $5,000 for the families through candy grams, hot chocolate sales, and through students donating through their homeroom/hallway. Taylor said, “It’s the coolest thing to watch kids help out; it really pumps me up.”

Aidan Cox, Staff Reporter