Super Falcons


Super Falcons at Unified game. Photo courtesy of Palmer Hoegh. 

  There is a brand new club at HR, but it’s not for students. The Super Falcons is a club made up of over fifty teachers that go to school events to support students.

  This club was created by Palmer Hoegh, math teacher, to support students and to build a bond between the teachers. Hoegh said, “I was thinking of what I could do to bond with other teachers. I came up with the idea of going to school events because we get to see you guys and this also lets the teachers bond.”

This club started this year and already there are over fifty teachers signed up. For math teacher and member of the Super Falcons, Kate Sagat, this is important. She said, “I think it’s important for us to come see what you love to do, whether that be a play or band or a sports game.”

   The Super Falcons try to go to an event each week, but it isn’t mandatory. Sagat said, “It’s more of a reward system. If you go to events, you get shirts and things like that. What Ms.Hoegh will do is send out the seats so we can all sit together. So you go sit with your fellow colleagues and have fun.”

   An example of an event was the back to school dance. Hoegh said, “ There were a lot of teachers that went to the back to school dance, that weren’t going to,  that were inspired to go because of Super Falcons.”

  Hoegh loves the struggle of the club. She said, “My favorite part about the club is how challenging it has been. Because it’s hard to get teachers to go and it’s not a bad thing; it’s just finding out how to get them to come.”

   The Super Falcons are looking for more teachers to join. Hoegh said, “My goal is to really push it through the winter season to get more jazzed about winter sports.”

Aidan Cox, Staff Reporter