Castaways starting with a catch


Dani Thompson holding a fish. PhotoCo: Dani Thompson

  With summer starting, the flyfishing club Castaways had their first outdoor event of the year. On April 22, Castaways went up to Bear Creek and planted trees to stop erosion from taking over the river. They also caught fish to record for the park rangers.

  Keegan Chambers, freshman, said, “We started off by helping out park rangers by planting trees near the rivers, so that the tree populations could build up. We continued this for four hours. After this we helped out Trout Unlimited by catching fish and taking their measurements so we could count the population and the average size of the fish.”

  With the fun also came responsibility. The real mission in the trip was to help count the fish in the water. Dani Thompson, sponsor of Castaways, said, “What they wanted to make sure was from the dam at Bear Creek Park to Wadsworth that the stuckers are staying in that section or moving down or dying off.”

  With the success of this event, Thompson hopes that district risk management sees that they are following the rules. Thompson said, “We are hoping that this last trip for the restoration project will kind of get us in the door because they see that we are willing to make sure we follow through on all of their demands.”

Aidan Cox, Staff Reporter