Life without football


  According to, an average of 23.7 million viewers watch Sunday Night Football. Now that it is February, there is one thing on those 23.7 million peoples’ minds: what should I do during the offseason? The season won’t start back up again for another long and painful six months.

  Many people suffer from PFD, Post Football Depression. No one knows what to do on their Sundays. If you’re like Harrison Berg, senior, you have nothing to look forward to. Berg said, “During the offseason, I sit around and cry until the start of the next season.” Without football, sports fans are actually forced to go to church on Sunday.

  The best thing to do to keep yourself from having a football related breakdown, is to pick up a new hobby. Start collecting outdated stamps, or learn to work on cars, or even try out new sports like Pickelball.

  Other ways to get over PFD is to do yoga everyday. The relaxation of yoga will calm your soul and keep your mind off football. Also, it’s a healthy exercise.  

  Another way is to find a new show to binge watch. Shows on Netflix are a perfect way to fill the gaps that football left in your life. Shows like “Shameless”, “The Office”, or “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” are great shows to binge watch till the next season. James Stirman, senior, said, “When football is not in season, I just watch Game of Thrones.”

  Now that the long and unwanted offseason is here, us sports fans must stick together and try to get through this difficult time of the year.

Tristan Garner, Staff Reporter

Example of PFD. GraphicCo: Tristan Garner