Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Thanks so much for featuring HRHS’s Emergenetics training! I do want to clear up one misconception as it is important to understanding Emergenetics. This is not a personality profile – it is a preferred thinking profile. What that means for me is that I prefer and find it takes less energy to think about big ideas, while others find it takes more energy to discuss a topic starting this way. People who have a more structured thinking preference find it takes less energy to think about all of the steps that need to take place to get to the goal or people who are more analytical want to know the research behind a concept. Knowing how you prefer to think can help you collaborate and be much more efficient. Emergenetics results are quite complex and this is just a hint of the training. If people want to find out more they can go to www.emergenetics.com. Thanks again for contacting me and congratulations on the new website!

Donna Goodwin, English teacher

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