ACE’s accomplishments during the school year


ACE is a student run class, meaning that the students decide what they want to do in the class such as spending class time to study and catch up on homework.  It also means that all of the things that ACE has done this year are things that the kids wanted to do.  All of this was possible with the guidance of Wolf who supervises them.  

Bas Wolf, ACE advisor, described ACE as a class “to help kids get through the craziness of high school and to prepare them for the world outside of school.”  Over the 2015-2016 school year, ACE has accomplished many things as a class.

“This year we have done a coffee lounge, the stock market and innovation challenges where we basically invent products that might help with the different things and issues that people are going through, we went to finance park, built a drone, took a part in racing motorcycles, and participated in junior government,” said Wolf.  ACE has obviously accomplished many things; however, these things are not what Wolf had set out to accomplish. “I feel like we’ve accomplished a lot, but it’s not what we set out to accomplish.  It’s changed. I mean that’s the cool thing about ACE; I can have one idea, but it depends on what the kids want to do, it can go in any direction,” said Wolf.

“My favorite thing about ACE is that it’s a community and we get out what we put in,” said Collin O’ Brien, junior.  ACE has been a class since November 2014 and over the time that it’s been around, it has helped many kids to be a part of something and do things that will help them later in life.  “It’s the place where I go when I have no where else to go,” said Lily Byars, sophomore.

Stock Market 2
Cole Mulder, Collin O’ Brien, Jordan Downing, Brandon Shue, and Santiago Quevas at the Stock Market Challenge                                                                                                     PhotoCo: Bas Wolf

Paige Martin, staff reporter