Senior pranks and where to draw the line

Senior pranks and where to draw the line

   A tradition in high schools across the nation, senior pranks can often get way out of hand. The history of senior pranks at HR has gone from making their mark on Rock Canyon (15) to launching water balloons at underclassmen (16).Has it gotten out of hand yet? Or will it in the future?  

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Cont. of the  Craigslist post of DCHS
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The Craigslist post of DCHS


Last year Douglas County High school put their school up on Craigslist. This is a safe, funny, practical joke, so therefore no harm, no foul. However, there have been many cases where seniors take it too far and get themselves in a lot of trouble with the school and the law. According to CBS News, in 2014 at Teaneck High School in North New Jersey, 62 students were arrested for vandalism on the school for trying to have a “legendary” senior prank. They broke chairs and desks and sprayed graffiti all over the school as well urinated on floors and spread debris all within the school. This is one of many cases where it can lead to kids getting dismissed from college and getting things added on their criminal record just for some prank.

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Police arrest multiple students who were fleeing from Teaneck High School after they finished their destruction. PhotoCo: CBS New York


   Vandalism is not a joking matter and FindLaw states: “Penalties typically include fines, imprisonment in county jail, or both. In addition, a person convicted of vandalism is frequently ordered to wash, repair or replace the damaged property (known as “restitution”), and/or participate in programs to clean up graffiti and other forms of vandalism.” So there are major consequences from the law as well getting kicked out of college (due to a felony on record) is definitely not worth some prank to “make your mark.”

    In the history of senior pranks, there have been many pranks that had gone overboard. The seniors think it’s funny until the law comes and gives them justified consequences. There has been regulations set to draw the line with these pranks that administrators abide by, but when pranks cross that line, then the law takes over.

Robert Kinkaid, Staff Reporter