Dress to oppress

Dress to oppress

Alysha Larrison, HRHS Senior
Alysha Larrison, HRHS Senior. PhotoCo: Alysha Larrison

   Following a strict dress code for school can get annoying, but the dress code rules are enforced and brought to attention for a reason, but are the bright orange t-shirts really necessary? Just send the students home to change. Don’t make them throw on a t-shirt that will let everyone in the school know they broke school dress code.

  No one cares about the dress code. The students at Highlands ranch high school want to be in charge of themselves, not having teachers and administrators towering over them on a constant basis.

  Why are students not allowed to wear a hat at school? According to the HRHS student handbook the primary reason for not being able to wear a hat at school is because Board Policy establishes an atmosphere of courtesy during the student’s working day.

  There are times when the dress code can be helpful while being enforced. You don’t want to be walking up the stairs and staring at some girl’s butt while you walk. I know I personally don’t appreciate it because I hate walking up the rotunda and there is a “traffic jam” and the girl in front of you is tall and her butt is hanging out of her shorts, or her dress. It is disgusting, but at times they dress like that to get guys’ attention. There are other ways to get guys’ attentions other than dressing inappropriate for school. This would be a time when the orange t-shirts would be a great idea to come into play.

  As I was walking through the hall the other day I heard an administrator ask a young boy if he had a belt he could perhaps put on, because he didn’t like how his butt was hanging out of his pants. Maybe guys should start wearing suspenders so they won’t have to constantly keep pulling their pants up. Could the school provide suspenders just like they provide the orange t-shirts?

  This year I feel admin is becoming more strict on cracking down hard on dress code, but it’s for good reasons. They are trying to eliminate the distraction in the classrooms, because they hope kids will be able to focus more on their learning rather than fixating on kids who don’t dress appropriate. They want to see you succeed, and they don’t want to see you not succeed because you were too fixated on looking your best for someone at school.

  The HRHS student handbook states: Any student deemed in violation of the dress code shall be required to change immediately into appropriate clothing provided by either parents or HRHS. Inappropriate clothing will be returned at the end of the day when the student returns the clothing provided by the school. For chronic offenders, students will be referred to an administrator for insubordination. Consequences: Student will be required to change clothing and return to class or if unable/unwilling to change clothing student will be removed to ISS (in school suspension) for remainder of day.

By Ashley Larrison, editor-in-chief