8-Bit Armies Review


  There are many games being released all the time that are basically the same first-person shooters. However, it is refreshing to see a new game, 8-Bit Armies, that does not follow this pattern. 

  8-Bit Armies is a Real-Time Strategy game, or RTS. In this game, you can play with friends, random strangers, or AI (a computer to play against). The goal of the game is to destroy the other’s base. The people that made the game also made other popular RTS games, like Star Wars: Empire at War, Universe at War, and Grey Goo.

  The game has a good campaign, where you basically do the same thing as multiplayer. Also, another mode is called skirmish, where you play against bots. This mode is pretty fun if you are offline, or just want to play by yourself.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 8.33.37 AM
Gameplay from 8-Bit Armies. PhotoCo Jordan Rust

  The game itself is fairly new and came out April 22. So, with all games, there are problems that need to be fixed. Many problems that people have found were fixed quickly. One of these problems was the bots. The AI have no clue how to manage their money, so to start the game they build on their fighting force. This sounds reasonable, but what really happens is they rush you when you are unprepared. The first time this happened to me, I did not have any troops, but instead a lot of money. Let’s just say that you can’t use money alone to defend yourself.

  Overall the game is doing well, getting a very positive rating on Steam.com. Of the 545 people who rated the game, 88% gave it a positive rating. Personally, I agree with the rating of this game. Right now, the price for the game is about $15. This price is reasonable, $15 being the usual price for a new indie game (a indie game is a game made by individuals or small teams generally without video game publisher financial support). Though I have only played for about two hours, I have a decent understanding of the game. But no matter how long I play, I don’t think I will ever beat the insane setting on the AI.

Jordan Rust, Staff Reporter