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    Zootopia Review


     The enticing Zootopia started off with the explanation behind how animals came to live in peace and harmony compared to their past where predator and prey didn’t get along. They go on to introduce the distant city Zootopia, where the harmony seems to be the most present.

     The main character, Judy Hopps, is a rabbit from a small town where rabbits grow up to grow and sell carrots, but Judy is more ambitious than that. She aspires to be a cop, although there has never been an animal as small as her to complete the task. She is told that she is better off doing what the rest of her species is best at.

    Going up against much larger animals like polar bears and rhinos, she graduates from the police academy and begins her life as a cop in big city Zootopia. She faces the hard task of being taken seriously by the much larger cops and isn’t seen as one of the rest because of her background as prey. Her ambition gets the best of her and she strays from her duties handing out parking tickets to bust criminals the way she intended to do all along.  

     Along the way she meets a fox, Nick Wilde, who is tied into the sketchy city lifestyle just trying to make money the easy way. After getting in trouble with the chief, she takes on a much bigger case to track down an otter who had gone missing. Taking her new witty fox friend along with her for his strong criminal background knowledge, she has 48 hours to solve the case, otherwise she is forced to resign. The missing otter leads her to a much larger issue where predatory animals are suddenly going savage and no one knows why it’s happening or who could be behind it.

     Zootopia had a way of keeping things moving the entire time. There was never a moment where I was confused or tempted to take my eyes away from the screen. According to rottentomatoes.com, the movie remained fast and entertaining. This earned it a 98% on the Rotten Tomato critique. The movie offered a very strong plot with well developed characters.

     Judy and Nick had contradictory personalities which made the two very strong main characters. Between a do gooder and a sarcastic criminal, there was still a very strong connection that made the two entertaining to follow.

     The movie had a mystery aspect along with a message to the younger crowd that we all have something within us that we couldn’t see before. According to commonsensemedia.org, Zootopia received a 4 out of 5 regarding positive messages and positive role models. Each character experienced a challenging pursuit for bigger and better things.

     There was also an inclusion of modern day things, like iPhones, iPods, and a pop star Gazelle who mimicked Shakira.

     I enjoyed the fact that the movie had one thing that led to another and the end had a very good twist to it that wasn’t expected.It was entertaining and overall a very cute movie that was very family friendly. It’s a movie that both children and adults would enjoy seeing.

    Kenzie Ross, Staff Reporter

    Poster for Zootopia. PhotoCo: Forbes
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