FCCLA members’ hard work pays off

FCCLA members hard work pays off


On Saturday April 2 and Sunday April 3, members from FCCLA competed in a State Leadership Conference.  FCCLA leader, Alyssa Wayman said, “While attending the FCCLA State Leadership Conference, members will have the opportunity to expand their leadership potential and develop skills for life planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision making, and interpersonal communication necessary in their future families, careers, and communities.”

Members who competed have been working on their projects since December and had high hopes about how they would do. “I am anticipating everyone doing really well this year; they’ve been working really hard on this for a long time,” previously said Wayman.  Sophie Brown, FCCLA member, freshman said,  “I’m not going to state but from the projects I’ve seen from other members, I’m thinking that we will at least get one first place medal.”

In the past, FCCLA has done exceptionally well.  “Last year we got four first place golds, one second place gold, and a bronze,” said Wayman.  This year isn’t any different: Michaela Bailey was elected as the Second VP for the Colorado State FCCLA Officer Team.  On top of that, Tala Obeid, Julia Dickey, and Sabrina Berlin received silver medals.

FCCLA member Caitlin Barker, freshman said, “It’s a great learning environment where members get the chance to put all their hard work to use and to learn new skills that will be essential later in life.”


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Tala Obeid working on her project for state.   PhotoCo: Paige Martin