Harlem Wizards bring magic to HR


   On February 13th, the Harlem Wizards came to HR to play a basketball game against teachers and administration from HR, CMS, and other feeder schools to raise money for the HR boys basketball team.

   The Wizards participate in games that are aimed to entertain audiences. They showcased their basketball skills by dunking, dribbling, shooting, and many other tricks. The show was also very interactive, as audience members were often taken onto the court to interact with the players.

   The players representing the Highlands Ranch team included principals, teachers, counselors, and coaches from HR, CMS, and other feeder schools. “We almost had every principal from the feeder schools play, but if they couldn’t come, they were able to send three or four of their staff members,” said Chris Page, Principal.

   Representing the Harlem Wizards was Dwayne Simpson, James Tyndal, Roscoe Johnson Jr., John Smith, Gerald Warrick III, and Darnell Wilks.

   “The Wizards are a show basketball entity delivering wildly successful fundraiser events for schools and nonprofits, last season alone playing in over 400 communities across the USA, while raising over $2 million,” according to http://www.harlemwizards.com.

   Although there was a score that was kept during the game, the game was more fun than serious. Therefore, the score doesn’t accurately represent the nature of the game.

   “The best thing about the event is it’s a great chance for us to bring the community together,” said Chris Page, principal.

Kaylee Kirkwood, Staff Reporterwizards.png

Photos from the Harlem Wizards game at HR. To see more photos of the Harlem Wizards, search #harlemwizards on Instagram. PhotoCo: Kaylee Kirkwood