Ranch at the red carpet


On Thursday and Friday, January 14th and 15th, HR held a talent show called Ranch at the Red Carpet. Each day, the show went from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. The show took place in the school theater.

Tim Mellen, sophomore, took first place for his act in which he rode a unicycle, solved a Rubix Cube, cup stacked, and used the Kendama. Mellen also seemed to be the audience’s favorite, having received the loudest cheers, even when his performance ended twenty minutes prior. “I’d like to congratulate the other participants of the talent show. Thanks Falcons for supporting me and thank you to those who attended the talent show,” said Mellen.

Elise Brooke and Cassie Renier took second place for singing “Carry You”. Summer Hockley, Joslyn Nguyen, Camryn O’Neil, and Jessy Rindahl placed third for recreating the Jingle Bell Rock scene from “Mean Girls”. This year’s winners of the talent show were chosen by the audience. Attendees each wrote their favorite act on the back of their entry ticket and the winners were calculated on Friday night after all of the performances were done.

In addition to performances by Talons and the Drumline, there were even two very special performances, each performed on different nights, that were done by teachers and administration.

On Thursday night, Abbi Kaplan, Adria Howell, Caroline Cate, and Chelsea Griffith participated in a teacher skit, “The Evolution of Mom Dance” as the final act.

Performed exclusively on Friday night, Mr. Page, principal, and the school mascot danced and lip synced together to the song “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. Near the end of the performance, the mascot surprisingly revealed itself to be Mr. Wright, athletic director.

“I won’t lie, I got a little nervous at the beginning, but I looked across and I saw the Falcons looking at me and I knew we were good to go. I had a great time,” said Page. “I was actually very impressed with how the talent show was set up and how it went. I think we have a lot of very talented kids here, and it’s exciting to have a venue where kids can come out and do those kinds of things, and where staff members can also participate and just have a great time.”

Kaylee Kirkwood, Staff Reporter

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Photos taken from the talent show this year. PhotoCo: Kaylee Kirkwood