Undertale Review

Undertale Review

  There are many games that require you to kill to move on with the plot, but Undertale is not like these. In Undertale, you can proceed with the story without having to kill a single monster.

  The story of Undertale is easy to follow; it’s about  a human who falls underground into the world of monsters. Now the player must try to escape, but how you do it is up to you. There are many different endings based on your actions.

  Undertale is a 2D RPG (Role Playing Game). It is also an Indie Game, which means it was created by individuals or small teams, generally without video game publisher financial support. The graphics may look old, but that was the plan.

  The game sells on Steam.com for $10.00, but that is only for computers. For the time being, it looks like there will be no Undertale for the consoles.

  On Steam.com, Undertale was a big success. Of the 19,235 reviews, 98% (18,931) were positive. Of all of that, only 2% (304) were negative.

  But it’s not just the Steam community, because PC Gamer also posted a high review of the game. PC Gamer gave it a rating of 91%, which means “A compelling recommendation for most PC gamers. Ahead of its time and important to PC gaming as a whole.”

  The main problem with the game, from what I have seen, is not the game itself, but the community. I have had a few spoilers (where someone gives away an ending), and I definitely don’t want anymore. But, this happens with most forms of entertainment, be it movies or games. Nonetheless, this is a game you should look into purchasing, from the price to the story, it’s worth it.

Jordan Rust, staff reporter

Various battles from the game. PhotoCo Jordan Rust