Social media’s helping hand


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How social media influences bands PhotoCo: Lexi Crea


  Social media is a part of almost everyone’s life. When you’re bored, you check Facebook to see what your family or friends are doing, or maybe you check Instagram to see some artsy pictures of coffee shops. Most of the time social media has little significance, but to up-and-coming artists and bands, it means everything.  

  Before Twitter and Instagram, the only way for bands to get their name out there was to travel. They physically had to go and promote themselves. For artists just starting out, they have no money to do that.

  Now, all artists and bands have to do is go to Twitter/Instagram/Facebook and sign up and post about themselves and their music. Slowly, follower by follower, they become bigger and bigger, begin playing shows, and start to make money to further promote themselves. For example, alternative rock band “Shatterproof” uses their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to spread the word about their music, and inform fans where they will be playing. Even artists like Justin Bieber started out posting videos online to draw attention to their music.

  Not only that, but social media connects fans and artists more than ever. Artists can tweet their fans, and just have a simple conversation. As soon as tour dates are released, they are posted and fans know right away which show they will be attending. Fans become friends over Twitter, creating lasting friendships. “Before social media, influential people like celebrities and musicians seemed so far away. Now we get to essentially live their lives with them,” said Megan de Guzman, junior.

  “It’s not just about music anymore,” said singer Betty Who when asked about social media by “[She] is continuing to build a direct, intimate bond with fans.”

  Overall, social media plays a big part in the success of a band and relationships with fans.

Lexi Crea, Staff Reporter