Our winter guard team

Now that the color guard season is winding down, doesn’t mean that color guard is going away! Since we are now heading into winter, winter guard is now starting to pick up. You might be wondering what the difference between both are or what either sport does, and I’m here to inform readers. 

   The first season of tiger king was released on March 20, 2020, the beginning of lockdown. Many people like myself spent lockdown watching and rewatching the first season of Tiger King. It quickly became a big hit to audiences, and it took off in memes, with songs even written about it.

During our homecoming games we always have a halftime show being performed by the marching band and the color guard. You will see them in amazing uniforms with colorful flags that grab everyone’s attention. Luckily, we were able to see a performance from them during our most recent homecoming game! But, let’s talk about what color/winter guard is and what they do. So, winter/color guard is basically a “big combination of dance, gymnastics, and skills” (Jasmine) and they add in throwing flags and rifles while performing. It takes much skill and lots of time is put into them perfecting their craft. 

With months and months of preparation, they get to go on stage and perform. But, what goes into the final performance that they put on? While prepping before their show they would “get dressed in our uniforms, stretch in the hallways.” (Sam). After stretching in the hallways, they get a good amount of warm up time. During that time, they would get their flags and rifles and practice a little. One important piece that goes into their performance is actually prepping the stage that they are about to perform on. They get a seven minute timer to “get on the floor, get our floor out, and then neatly spread out, get our equipment down, perform, and fold up the floor, and then get off.” (Jasmine). The whole entire competition is very stressful, but being surrounded by great people is what makes the experiences memorable. 

The color/winter guard preforming at Chaparral High School. Photo courtesy of hrhscolorwinterguard on Instagram.

Similar to any sports team, color/winter guard keep the same team aspect. They spend most of their days out of the week working together to figure out their performances and perfect them. Their practice schedule is Tuesday and Thursdays from six to nine. Outside of practice they work on the same routine at every competition and whatever the judges say they need to work on, they will fix for their performance. 

Unfortunately this season the winter guard won’t be competing this year because they don’t have enough people on their team, but they are still putting on local performances that everyone is able to come and support.

If you want to join the winter/color guard make sure to talk to Mr.Rigolini! 

Kailani Smile, Staff Reporter