“Mamma Mia” audition recaps


As we are finally wrapping up our first semester at Ranch; auditions for the upcoming play, 

“Mamma Mia”, has also come to a close. The idea to have “Mamma Mia” be the play this year actually took place the year before. Nicole Hudson, Theater teacher, and Robert Lane, Choir and Piano teacher, decided on “Mamma Mia” because “we thought it would be a fun show to produce and figured many people would be interested in being involved.” said Hudson. 

Auditions usually last a week-long and the first day typically consists of a workshop day to help students get acclimated by teaching “students the songs, monologues, and dance.” said Hudson. Then the next two days are spent by students presenting their monologues and songs in front of the rest of the people auditioning, and Hudson. On the fourth day of auditions, students will come back for callbacks to see how others work with each other. 

A poster was set up by the theater to remind people of the dates for auditions. Photo by, Kailani Smile

Although auditions went well this year and there were no significant roadblocks, there were still a lot of difficulties pertaining to COVID-19. Many students were not able to participate in auditioning this time around because they were sick with COVID-19 or other illnesses. Students were either out for quarantine or, again, sick. Luckily, if the students were out, they were able to send in tapes/recordings of them auditioning. 

Kailani Smile, Staff Reporter