What’s in store for DCSD board of education

Douglas County Voting

Douglas County Voting

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The candidates for the 2013 school board election. Photo Co: www.parkercolorado.net

Campaign signs have dug their spokes into the ground of many homes in Highlands Ranch, Colorado; many of them pushing for a change. In the ballots of the Douglas County inhabitants this year, there will be a choice to make involving the 4 open slots on the school board; whether to keep the current board members and let them finish what they started, or elect four new board members.

Among the eight candidates running for the Douglas County School board are: Doug Benevento, Meghann Silverthorn, James Geddes, and Judi Reynolds, who are running for re-election and endorsed by the Republican Party; Barbara Chase, Juli Keim, Bill Hodges, and Ronda Scholting are new candidates that have been endorsed by the Douglas County Federation of Teachers.

“I’m rooting for 4 new board members,” Mrs. Long said, an English teacher at Highlands Ranch High School. When asked who, in particular she liked, she stated the 4 candidates whom have been endorsed by the Douglas County Federation of Teachers: Barbara Chase, Bill Hodges, Juli Keim, and Ronda Scholting.

“This election, I hope more parents vote realizing how much a school board can dictate,” Susan Dakovich said, “The teachers don’t seem happy.” Susan Dakovich is a parent of 2 students in the Douglas County school district, and is also supporting Chase, Hodges, Keim, and Scholting.

But, it seems Susan Dakovich and Mrs. Long are not the minority in who they are supporting. Throughout the suburban streets of Highlands Ranch, many cars have decorated windows with the names of the Douglas County Federation of Teachers endorsed individuals.

Even parents of Douglas County School District students are receiving e-mails, blatantly urging them to vote for: Keim, Scholting, Hodges, and Chase.

On the other hand, Doug Benevento is pleased with the accomplishments that the board has made, and wants to move forward with the vision they have in store for Douglas County schools.

“Each child is an individual and we need to provide as many choices and educational options for students as possible. Then we put them in the best position to succeed in education as possible,” said Doug Benevento to ‘Our Colorado News’ on Sept. 18 2013, when asked about the voucher program.

“I’m disappointed it’s gotten so political,” said Mr. Goings, the principal of Highlands Ranch High School, when asked about how he felt about the previous years leading to this election. He also hopes that no matter the outcome of the election, the direction and policies that guide the school district will be to seek more input from parents and teachers.

The fate of the School Board of Douglas County schools will be determined November 5, at 7:00p.m., when the polls close and the votes are tallied.

Updated: Jim Geddes, Judith Reynolds, Doug Benevento, and Meghann Silverthorn hold their spots as Douglas County Board of Education members.

Katelyn O’Reilly, Guest Reporter