Nothing but Noises Off


Noises Off cast and crew. PhotoCo: Sammy Rowe

  “Noises Off”, a British farce written by Michael Frayn, currently being directed by Will Brooks at Highlands Ranch High School, is a show in the working.

  This comedic play consists of actors playing roles in the show “Nothing On”. From doors to sardines,  of the most important concepts, this show is as much chaos as you can get in one night.

  With only a cast of only nine, there’s quite a bit on an actor’s plate during the performance. “This show is a nightmare,” said Brooke Guard, senior, playing Poppy.

  The show starts off in act one with the final dress rehearsal of “Nothing On”, a play where multiple people are in one house at the same time, but don’t know that the others are there. Act one builds the understanding of “Nothing On”, for the next two acts.

  In act two, the set gets flipped around, showing the backstage perspective of one of the performances. The tension of the sarcastic comedy builds through love triangles and the crumbling of the show on stage.

  Act three is left for the audience to experience, “a lovely helping of sardines to sit on,” when the show ends in one big clutter.

  “This show is hard,” said Will Brooks, theatre director at HR, “but we have accomplished so much.”

  “People have been asking, ‘What’s this no noises thing going on here?’” said Samson Leyba, thespian/sophomore, when asked about the “Noises Off” buttons going around the school.

  The HR thespians have begun to hand out free buttons to the school, sponsoring “Noises Off”, and encouraging people to come to the show. If you ask HR thespians for a button , and wear your button to the show, you get a dollar off your ticket.

  Upcoming shows, include “The Laramie Project” in November, and “Urinetown” halfway through second semester.

  If you have nothing to do, consider “Noises Off” at Highlands Ranch High School, 7:00 pm, doors open at 6:30. Tickets are $10 at, or $9 at the door if you wear your button!

Sammy Rowe, Guest Reporter

Noises Off cast and crew. PhotoCo: Sammy Rowe
Noises Off cast and crew. PhotoCo: Sammy Rowe