A goodbye to Linda Buckley


Ms.Buckley’s vacant room. PhotoCo Soren Oberg

   After four years with HR and fourteen years with Douglas County, Linda Buckley has decided to leave at the end of September. Buckley is a volunteer coordinator with the school; she has helped set up a multitude of events, including After Prom, judges for DECA, Cocoa and Cram, and countless other events that help teachers, students, and administrators. After setting up and helping out events for 14 years, she said, “I plan on taking some chill time. Taking a break from work.”

  What else does the future hold for the veteran of Douglas County? Buckley said, “ I used to work for Gallo Winery.  I worked in sales and marketing for them, so I’d like to get back to the business world, becoming a business woman and working in marketing and sales again.”

Ms.Buckley's vacant room. PhotoCo Soren Oberg
Ms.Buckley’s vacant room. PhotoCo Soren Oberg

  Sitting across from the library, she carried on a tradition that her predecessor before her started, keeping a jar of candy in her office for kids to take. She said, “When I came here, they told me I had to keep the jar of candy going, so I bought a more attractive jar and put candy in it. Then kids started bring in their own jars, writing their names on them, and I’d have 14 jars lined up. I’m going to miss the students, the energy and joy they brought with them.”

Susan Martin, Librarian and long time friend of Buckley, said, “Linda Buckley will be missed very much at HRHS.  She will be missed not only for her hard work but for her kindness and passion to make HIghlands Ranch High School the Best.”

Soren Oberg, Staff Reporter