Homecoming week: University of fun


Schedule for Homecoming Week themes.

  September 8th marks the beginning of this year’s Homecoming Week, an event for students to show school spirit before the upcoming homecoming dance.

  The theme this year is HR University– this was decided by a group of seniors over the summer. “We picked the theme HR University because it was fun and original and creative,” said Alex Balkovatz, member of senior senate.

  “Homecoming week is important because it’s a standard high school tradition and gives kids a break from the norm of academics. It gives them a reason to be prideful,” said senate leader Rashaan Davis.

  This event gives students the opportunity to dress up in accordance with a daily theme. It also includes events outside of school, like a bonfire, football game, and pig roast. “Homecoming week gives us a chance to shine on the culture and climate of the school, is a chance for alumni to come home and see how great the school is at making and maintaining traditions, and is a good way to support activities and sports,” said Christopher Page, principal.

  Student senate was responsible for planning this function. “There’s a lot of planning that goes into it to create some fun for kids, by kids. In the end I hope kids go out and participate,” said Davis.

  There will also be a Homecoming parade at 9am, Saturday, September 12th, the morning of the day of the dance. Many clubs, activities, and sports will have floats in the parade.

  “This is an opportunity to go out there and have fun, and be good representatives of HR. Students, make sure to support each other and get involved. I hope the kids will show me energy through the week,” said Page.

Schedule for Homecoming Week themes.
Schedule for Homecoming Week themes.

Mikayla Rust, Editor in Chief