Deez Nuts are in the polls


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Poster in the hallway advocating for Deez Nuts. PhotoCo: Lara Mathews

  In North Carolina, a 15 year-old boy named Brady Olson decided to put his name in a PPP poll. He went under the name “Deez Nuts”, and he polled at 9%.

I love America.

  This is definitely just a joke, but it seems to say a lot about our country. According to Time magazine, Olson actually entered as Deez Nuts to spark a change. Olson was upset with the two party system, and wanted to provoke voters to take action against the current front runners in the election.

  The fact that the current major runners are Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and Donald Trump says a lot about America. According to, the form Olson had to fill out to enter Deez Nuts didn’t even ask for his age.

  America has always been the land of opportunity, and the option to become President should be open to all. But, really? It didn’t even ask for his age? It let the name “Deez Nuts” be qualified? And even so, has this election really shown that aforementioned chance for everyone to become President?

  Right now, we’re seeing two people with family ties to the Presidency. Hillary Clinton, the wife of Bill Clinton (the 42nd US President), and Jeb Bush, the son of George H. W. Bush (the 41st President). Then we have Donald Trump, a man with enough money to buy the entire election.
  Everyone’s upset with the current election, which is why Deez Nuts took a stand and challenged the qualifications for politics.

Jade Zimmerman, Staff Reporter