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Exploring the 2023 Senior Assassin

Katie Baylett, Editor in Chief December 14, 2022

   The class of 2023 has officially started this year's game of senior assassin. The game was first played last year, as the class of 2022 took inspiration from other local schools' games to start their...

World Cup stadium results in 6,500 migrant deaths in Qatar

Madi Hamm, Editor in Chief December 14, 2022

  Qatar has spent the last ten years embarking on an unprecedented construction task; building seven new stadiums, a new airport, roads, public transport systems, hotels and dozens of other projects in...

Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs

December 14, 2022

   Families' hearts were torn again by gun violence and hate crimes. In the recent shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Anderson Lee Aldrich took the lives of five people and injured over 15 others...

Mauna Loa’s first eruption since 1984

Madi H, Editor in Chief December 14, 2022

   Wednesday, November 30th, the Hawaii Volcano Observatory reported lava flow on Mauna Loa’s northeast flank. This means that the eruption is positioned on the side of the volcano, rather than the...

Ballot Measure 5A

Benjamin Breuer, Staff Reporter November 29, 2022

For the past few years, Douglas County has struggled to retain teachers. Some of the best teachers at HRHS have been lost due to other school districts’ higher pay. Our teachers are dedicated, knowledgeable,...

Fall Fashion Trends

Katie Baylett, Editor in Chief November 18, 2022

   With shorts and tank top weather officially behind us, we can formally welcome autumn fashion with open arms. The 2022 fall fashion trends offer us the ability to play with layers as temperatures...

2022 Midterm Elections

Kailani Smile, Online Editor November 18, 2022

   Halfway through the president's second term, many politicians begin their campaign for the midterm elections.     This year's elections were significant for both the Democratic and Republican...

Girl’s Volleyball Recap

Madi Hamm, Editor in Chief November 17, 2022

   The girl’s 2022 Varsity volleyball received a new coach this season, Travis Underwood. He began preparing the team with open gym sessions over the summer. This provided the athletes with an opportunity...

Roe v.s. Wade Overturned

Kailani Smile, Online Editor September 28, 2022

  On January 22, 1973, Roe v. Wade was established across the U.S. when seven out of nine Supreme Court members voted in favor of “Jane Roe”, legalizing abortion in the United States. After 50 years...

Bellisimo Blu Salon Opening

Katie Baylett, Editor in Chief September 21, 2022

On August 11th, the cosmetology program at HR opened the Bellisimo Blu Salon. The opening ceremony included DCSD officials, HR councilors, and cosmetology students. Giving the opportunity to celebrate...

Changes to Douglas County Equity Policy

Changes to Douglas County Equity Policy

February 9, 2022

On Tuesday, Jan 25, 2022, the newly elected Douglas County School Board of Education voted, 4-3, in favor to recommend changes to the current Education Equity policy put in place by the previous board.  ...

HR students participate in school wide walk-out

HR students participate in school wide walk-out

February 8, 2022

Mia Warren, senior, who helped plan this protest, said, "These students really dug deep into their hearts to not only support their right to an equal and ethical education, but for others who may have...

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