Living life like a pro athlete

Living life like a pro athlete

In America, time is one of the most important resources we have. It’s one of the only things that we can not get more of, therefore how we spend it is essential to our quality of life. Up to this point in my life, I’ve been living a normal teenage boy life, with a teenage boy schedule. Wake up at around 11, go eat, maybe do something productive, (although probably not) then take a nap, play some Xbox, only to stay up late doing all of the homework I procrastinated. This is a very flawed schedule as it doesn’t allow me to be the most productive self that I can be.

This got me thinking, what do celebrities and very wealthy people do to allow themselves to be the most productive that they can be? I decided I would follow a celebrity’s schedule as closely as I could for a whole week to see what difference it made in my life. As an athlete, I was interested in doing a schedule of an athlete at the top of their profession. After some research, I decided to do Russell Wilson because not only is he the only reason I’m currently 6-3 in fantasy football, but he’s also one of the leading players in the MVP watch list almost halfway through the NFL season.

According to brobible, Wilson wakes up at 5:30am to take care of his body, doing hot and cold baths. Yoga, workouts, and deep tissue massages through 8am to keep his body in tip top shape. In fact, via ESPN states, Wilson spends at least 1 million dollars every year to keep his body in shape to bear a tough football schedule.

This was the hardest part of the schedule to follow as I woke up at 5:30am, but I don’t have weight room equipment or ice baths sitting at my disposal, so I decided everyday I would wake up at 5:30am, eat breakfast, stretch and go on a run to count as my workout for the morning. This was the first major difference I had as the amount of energy I had in the morning grew throughout the week. The first day was a 5:30 wake up, followed by probably one of the shortest runs in history, and then a nap before getting ready for school. Each day, however, I got more and more energy throughout the mornings, and by the last day I was able to complete a 3 mile run before even getting ready for school.

Wilson then follows up this insane workout routine by getting his meetings done from 8-11. As I had school most of the days I did this, I made my school day (7:30-2:40) count as my “meetings” for the day.

When returning home from school, I then sat down and did most of if not all of my homework before I even had to go to practice each day. This was the replacement for Wilson’s time watching film. After practice, I got home ate dinner and spent time with my family and friends. As  I’ve already completed all of my homework for the day, I found myself able to enjoy my nights a lot more and not stress about all of the stuff I didn’t do.

While I usually find myself going to bed at around 11-11:30 with nothing else to do and having had a long day behind me, I started falling asleep at a much more reasonable 9-9:30. This extra sleep gave me more energy when I woke up for the next day of my wonderful schedule.

After doing the schedule for a week, my overall thoughts on this schedule are that it’s unbelievable the amount of time I sat around not doing the stuff I was supposed to do. When I got it done early, I found myself with even more free time than I did before embarking on this journey. There are definitely aspects of this that I’m going to keep doing longer than  just this week, and while I will be going back to my normal wake up time, overall, I had more energy, more productivity, and got easily twice as much stuff done as I would have before.

Photo Courtesy of CBS Sports