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The story behind the hrhs_meme page and how it came to be


“Me and the boys on our way to ask the teacher to round my 74% to an A.” These are the captions on one of the many memes posted by the well-known account hrhs_meme on Instagram. 

“It started off as an idea,” said the creator of the account who prefers to keep his anonymity. “Rock Canyons meme page was so big, and so I figured we should have one to rival it, and it inspired me to make ours,” he said. The page was made in August of 2019 and is pretty popular with many students following it.

 “We made the account just wanting to have fun with it; we didn’t expect to get any followers or anything. We were just making stupid stuff and just hoping someone liked it. We started with about 100 followers after about a week, and then we were like oh, ok, maybe we can make this big and then it started growing rapidly,” he said. The account now has more than 1,000 followers all in the span of a year. 

This was a meme made in September of 2019 when there was a second suspicion of gas leaks in the school and every student and staff had to evacuate. Meme created by hrhs_meme.

Many students are fans of the account and all of its content. “I think the account is funny and it bashes Canyon because they think their page is better, which it’s not,” said Madeline Sharpe, sophomore. 

“We post memes. Most of our memes are about stuff that happens at school and events and sports,” said the creator. If you look through the page on Instagram, you will see that they joke and make funny memes such as football games, the school district, and even some inside jokes. The account takes viral memes and makes them so that they’re relatable to the students. 

This was a meme that was posted February 7, 2020 and was made around the fact that the student body earned a free day only later to find out it would be in May. Meme created by hrhs_meme

“I’m the one who makes most of the posts, and I’ll share them to the other admin, and we’ll talk about if it’s good or not, and we’ll post it. Sometimes we’ll get a submission from a student, and if  we think it’s funny enough, we’ll post it,” said the creator. 

As for what they can and can’t post, they set rules for themselves. “We don’t direct anything towards certain students unless they ask us to, and if anyone says that a post offended them we take it down,” said the creator. 

This is a very common meme that gets posted every time the football team has a game. Waffle Stomp is an inside joke that has since become a very common phrase used in the posts. Meme created by hrhs_meme.

The owner of the account is on the account all day. He monitors it and spends time looking for new things to post. “I spend about 30 to 45 minutes making a meme,” he said. 

Many people, however, don’t know who runs the account. “I have no idea who runs the account, but I think it would be either a junior or senior,” said Lexi Devon, senior. 

This is a meme that is easily understandable and relatable because many students struggle with raising their grades before finals and the end of the semester. Meme created by hrhs_meme.

The owners have never publicly announced who they are, but some people have a pretty good idea. “I think it’s funny just having it be kind of a secret and just keep people guessing,” said the creator. As for when or if he ever plans on telling his followers who he is, he said that at the end of senior year he will definitely reveal himself. 

Amalia Sanmillan, Staff Reporter

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The story behind the hrhs_meme page and how it came to be