Winter guard still spinning


Winter guard practicing their routine.

Ever since their beginning they have increasingly grown to become a great team. By tossing rifles, sabres, and flags, it contributes an exciting twist to the HR band. It began only three years ago here at HR, and ever since then, Winter guard has been growing and growing.

“We work as a team and the harder we work, the better we do,” said Heaven Javelera, junior. Javelera has been on the team since her sophomore year, and is proud of the team’s successes.

“We almost reached finals last year,” said Javelera. The team was one tenth of a point away from finals, an incredible success for such a new program.

The team has a total of ten members, each with their own love for the team.

“I chose to do Winter guard because it’s a passion of  mine, said Furlano, “I marched when I was in high school and I was an independent guard after high school.”

“When I practice at home and alone, it all works and I’m just having fun with it,” said Becca Scoggins, sophomore.

“I’m proud that we have a lot of people this year, we’re all a family accepting each other for who we are,” said Alice Scoggins, sophomore.

Though Winter guard had grown and flourished, the members still have their own personal goals for themselves and the team.

“I hope to practice more at home, I’m kind of laid-back right now, since we’re teaching the newcomers,” said Becca Scoggins, “but I don’t want to do that anymore; I want to practice more.”

“Each year we’re progressing forward, we’re learning. The kids are learning as well as I’m learning,” said Furlano.

Jade Zimmerman, Staff Reporter