Exploring with Mr. Mac


A photo from the Iceland trip. PhotoCo: Skylar Vernell

A photo from the Iceland trip.  PhotoCo:  Skylar Vernell
A photo from the Iceland trip. PhotoCo: Skylar Vernell

HRHS has many privileges. Each year there are trips, open to the entire student body, sponsored by Bob MacArthur, science teacher.

Throughout the 6 years that he has been teaching at HRHS, Mac always wants to give the best opportunities to students. Traveling is one of his passions, and he wants to let others be able to experience that as well.

His first year at HRHS, he had an inspiration from going to Hawaii with his masters program in 2009. Enthusiastically Mac said, “I have to take students!”

Although Mac said, “Hawaii has my heart,” there are still many opportunities for that to change. Last year was the first year that he had gone to Iceland, which was said to be incredible, and is taking students to the Galapagos Islands summer of 2015, and summer of 2017, New Zealand, Fiji, and Australia.

“It was one the most eye-opening experiences of my life, and impacted me more than I ever thought it would,” said one of the Iceland trip students, Maddy Rowe, senior.

The next possible trip to sign up for is to the Galapagos Islands/Ecuador, and the final sign up date is November 30. The trips run from about five days to eleven days.

Each day of the trips are filled with different activities. There are community service projects, and many different places to see.

In Hawaii, they helped out with the elderly people, by doing arts and crafts, and hearing the ancestry behind the people of Hawaii. Also next summer, the students going on the Galapagos trip, get to help out in different village communities.

The trips are offered every year, and supported by the administration. This makes getting involved is very easy.

All that has to be done is, go to Mr.Mac, and ask him when it is possible to sign up. Emails are sent, and soon enough payment is all taken care of by the student, or parents, and the trip is happening.

“Iceland is one of those places you dream of going to, but when you actually see it, the streets of Reykjavik, or the glacial lagoon; you are in awe of how beautiful one place can be,” said Skylar Vernell, sophomore.

Sammy Rowe, Guest Contributor