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February 12, 2024
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“I am not okay with this”, but the audience is

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Infographic by Mariah Washington

“I am not okay with this” is a crazy tv show that will have you hooked by the end. This show is about a teenage girl named Sydney Novak played by Sophia Lillis, who you may recognize from her great roles in the movies IT Chapters 1 and 2, the new version of Gretal and Hansel, and many more films.

Sydney is a “ boring 17-year-old white girl,” according to the first episode. She really is the main character in every high school show. She isn’t popular, but has the popular best friend that is in love with the most popular guy. She has problems at home with her family, but she is close to her younger brother. This basically explains every teenage movie in history, but with this show there is a twist.

Sydney’s dad took his own life in the basement of their home, and Sydney is still struggling with it. Her feelings start to boil over in startling ways. Whenever she gets really angry or embarrassed or annoyed, she discovers that she has inhuman strength and can make things happen with her mind. The show tells the audience about her battle with her feelings toward her best friend who is dating someone else and uncovers secrets about her dad’s past and her powers.

The show doesn’t move as fast as shows like “Stranger Things”, which is what “I am not okay with this” reminds people of, but this show really takes the time to introduce the characters and build a solid foundation before going into detail about her powers.  At first I wasn’t a big fan, but since the episodes are only 24 minutes rather than the new standard of shows being 42 minutes to an hour, I was hooked on each episode because it left me wanting more.

“I wasn’t really sure how I felt about the show at first because nothing really interesting happened, but once it went to the middle, that’s when crazy things started happening and I couldn’t stop watching,” said Emma Garini, junior.

Overall, I think this show is great for binge-watching over the weekend. It gives you a taste of every teenage show and supernatural show, but it is more relatable because it shows problems almost every teenager goes through. However, Sydney has some different ways of handling emotions than us normal teens do.

Jessica Sego, junior, said “ It’s a truly great show. I would recommend it. It showed me a lot about how to handle anger issues. Just kidding. Sydney is a little crazy.”

Mariah Washington, Staff Reporter

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“I am not okay with this”, but the audience is