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February 12, 2024
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The date to celebrate love

Valentine’s Day telegraph PhtoCo: Laura Carranza
Valentine's Day telegraph      PhtoCo: Laura Carranza
Valentine’s Day telegraph         PhtoCo: Laura Carranza

Around the world, there are many different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day; giving roses and chocolates, or spending the day with the special ones are some examples. For many people, not everything is about the chocolates and the roses. For others, Valentine’s is just a regular day of the year.

  But why do we celebrate Valentine’s? According to history.com, there was a priest called Valentine around the 3rd century AD. Myth says that Roman Emperor Claudius II believed soldiers were better when they were alone; the soldiers did not have a family to worry about and that way they would perform better, so he prohibited marriage. St Valentine protested that marriage was that one thing that brings happiness.

  After years of performing marriages for couples in ancient Rome, someone noticed St Valentine’s error and let the Emperor know about it. Valentine had problems in the past with the Emperor, but this one led Valentine to jail. The famous Roman priest was executed on February 14th of the year AD 197. Since then, it became St Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate to the man who always believed in love.

  St. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate with loved ones. “I have someone special for this Valentine’s,” said Blake Johnson, HR sophomore. People go on dates and celebrate the day of love. “I give gifts to people that I care about,” said Karina Esparza,HR junior.

  But Valentine’s is not just to celebrate with the girlfriend or boyfriend only. Many people celebrate it with their friends. “ I don’t have someone special for this Valentine’s, but I’ll still go out,” said Nathan Mustashiry, HR junior. A lot of people thinks it is a special day, but not that big of a deal. “I think it is special, but not that special,” said Kaylee Skinner, HR junior.

   Even though Valentine’s is a day to celebrate for someones, for others it is just a normal day that through the years has been commercialized. A lot of stores have special offers, gifts and many other things for Valentine’s. That is the day people spend money in gifts. “I think Valentine’s is overrated and is super commercialized,” said HR sophomore.

   In HR the celebration goes a above and beyond. Certain students go around giving telegraphs. Not only they give telegraphs but choir students have a small special presentation for the love ones.

  Will you celebrate Valentine’s? “Without Valentine’s Day, February would be… well, January” – Jim Gaffigan

Singing presentation at HR       PhotoCo: Laura Carranza
Singing presentation at HR                  PhotoCo: Laura Carranza

   Laura Carranza, staff reporter 

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The date to celebrate love