Zoe Siegel: Making the school No Place For Hate


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   “I feel like everyone deserves inclusion and a community, and that’s not always the case,” said Zoe Siegel, senior. “Just because we think inclusion is a good thing doesn’t mean it doesn’t take work to get there.”

   The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is a leading anti-hate program that was founded back in 1913. Their mission is to fight all forms of hate, such as discrimination and anti-semitism. Siegel helped plan the Cherry Creek Diversity Conference in her sophomore year, which is one of the biggest conferences in the state. “I was introduced to the No Place For Hate program at that time,” said Siegel, “and this year is the first year of the program in our school.”

   No Place For Hate is a program based off of the ADL. The mission of No Place for Hate is to maintain a positive, hate free climate within school systems, so students can thrive. Siegel helped kick start the program within HR along with Georgina Quintana, Spanish teacher, as well as Kelsey Gamble, English teacher. “The program is still so new within our school, so it is still quite small as of now,” said Quintana, “but Zoe has been working very hard on this, and has ensured that the future of this program in our school is strong.”

   Siegel has shown a great passion for the ADL, as well as No Place For Hate. “We are trying to make this program district-wide,” said Siegel, “and we are looking for under-classmen to join the committee.” There are posters all across the school with information on how to join, or you can reach out to Quintana and Siegel for more information.

Zach Milone, Staff reporter

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Photo courtesy of Zoe Siegel