Top 5 best Christmas gifts for 2019

Top 5 best Christmas gifts for 2019

   It is getting closer and closer to Christmas everyday, and you might be wondering what could potentially be some gifts to give out to your friends and family for this year’s Christmas. Here’s five of the best gifts to give out that could make anyone happy.

   One of the best gifts to give or get this year is the Apple Airpods, or as an alternative if you have an Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy Buds. Both of these are definitely some of the best types of earbuds that are currently out because of their Bluetooth connectivity, good battery life, and the portability of these, since all you do is pull them out of a case and you just start listening to anything of your choice. One of the main cons about having these is that you have a higher chance of losing the earbuds if you misplace them, but they are definitely worth getting if you hate having wired earbuds. The Airpods are $159 and the Galaxy Buds are $129 and can be bought anywhere online and in technology stores like Best-Buy.

   Another cool gift for Christmas is 3D lights. The large variety of different kinds of lights you could get are what make these worth getting. Some of the 3D light types could be a popular character from a series, like the Joker or Spiderman, while others are just everyday objects you normally see, like animals or vehicles. These are definitely one of the best choices if you don’t want to do too much spending, for these lights are usually under $20 and can be ordered from Amazon.

   A really good speaker with great reviews is the Sonos Move. This battery-powered smart speaker is conditioned to survive falls, and is weatherproof, which allows for it to have great portability. It will also connect through wifi, but will connect to Bluetooth when wifi isn’t available. This is much recommended for those who enjoy listening to music while traveling. The speaker also comes with voice control, deep bass with wide soundscape, and you don’t even need to plug it in to charge, for it comes with an indoor charging base for quick power while listening, and will grant an additional charging base if bought. These can be bought for about a high price of $399 on either Amazon or on the Sonos website.

   If you’re not into the technology gifts too much, then there are still really good gifts, such as heat sensitive mugs. These cups will portray something different when heated up from its original design, and are some of the coolest types of mugs you could get on Amazon. The best part about these are that they are cheap, affordable, and the reactant design won’t fade away after long time use. Some designs may range from simple stuff like a cherry blossom tree, or could show the entire solar system when the mug is heated. These are always good gifts to get for friends if you can’t decide on anything else, since they are cheap and pretty awesome to have around. These can be found on Amazon for $15 and under.

   Lastly, one of the best gifts to snuggle into for Christmas are weighted blankets. They are extremely beneficial to helping you when you use them. Not only are they cheap and affordable, but they can reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, ease insomnia, boost your mood, and much more. If you do struggle with sleeping, then these types of blankets are definitely a must have for helping ease your sleeping problems. These blankets are pretty costly, ranging from $130 up to $400 and are mainly found on Amazon.

Jaysen Anderson, Staff Reporter

Picture of Christmas presents under a Christmas tree. Photo courtesy of Flickr