Ranch is Unified


  Unified is an organization that allows the athletes involved a chance to participate in sports, but most people involved see it as a safe space and hope for the future. “It impacts our athletes and gives them an opportunity for a strong social connection and it’s a really positive social environment,” said Palmer Hoegh, a Unified coach.“ It provides a physical outlet for a fun afternoon of sports.”

  Unlike other clubs, cording is not one of the focal points and isn’t even offered. Hoegh said, “We don’t cord. And I don’t want to cord because people shouldn’t be in our club just for a rope around their shoulders at graduation.” The club was created solely for the purpose of allowing the athletes a chance at experiencing things they wouldn’t be able to without it and bringing joy to the people involved.

  Unified does many events throughout the year, including their most known one, the annual basketball game against Cresthill Middle School. This game allows the athletes from both schools to show off their skills to a large audience. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 1.48.55 PM
The HR Unified team plays against the teachers in a soccer game on Oct. 2. Photo courtesy of Annika Rennaker 

  Samantha Best, senior, joined Unified as a student mentor and participated in the game against Cresthill. Best said, “I love participating in the games with them and encouraging them to play and have fun.” Best said she joined as a peer intern because she enjoys working with the kids and that they light up her day.

  When asked what the goal of Unified was Hoegh said that Unified is mainly about “school community and Falcon pride.” 

Isabella Bogo, Staff Reporter