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February 12, 2024
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  When people think of fall it is mostly about the changing of the leaves and the start to the holiday season, but the most underrated part of fall is the trends and hits produced this time of year.

Photo by Kofi Kessey

Newest Music of Fall:

  Fall has been a season of new artists and catchy songs that will be in your head until winter. The artist that really blew up this fall is Lil Tecca. He was brought up by two Jamaican immigrants and he wanted to someday be a professional basketball player but found love for making music. Some people think he is the artist for the ages. Meanwhile people strongly stand by the thought that he is a one hit wonder and will fade as time goes by. His hit song “Ransom” has shot him to the top of the young artists of 2019. The song has been on Billboard’s top 100 for 17 weeks straight as of Oct. 8. The song combines catchy lyrics and talented sound editing with a very prominent message of the artist’s recent rise to fame. This artist has a lot of potential, but the themes and meanings of his songs get repetitive. Such as the themes of money, women and fame in almost all of his songs. Overall, he is a solid young rapper, and has had a great start to his career as an artist,  but the overplaying of his songs on the radio could be his downfall. 

Box of new Nike Air Max 270. Photo by Kofi Kessey

Shoe Trends of Fall:       

  Music is not the only piece of culture that has made this season of fall one to remember but also the recent upcoming trends and styles of the season. Nike has done it again with hitting their new and functional shoe out of the park. The Nike AirMax 270 is the newest innovation of the casual running shoe. The new shoe came out in February 2019 and is still on top. This shoe, along with a few others, helped Nike increase profits by 15% resulting in  $1.1 billion profit. The shoe has attracted a sudden interest with the start of the 2019-2020 school year, with students wanting to walk into class with people looking at what’s on their feet. The shoe is one of the lightest shoes on the market and with the air-filled heel will give you that extra boost and bounce that you will need on your way to school or work. But not everyone is with the new AirMax 270 movement. According to an article written by the UnRealChoice, Nike Air Max 270: An Honest Review,  “There were a few disappointed comments on the one-piece tongue of this shoe because it rubs against the top of the ankle and causes blisters.” Even though there are some problems to the shoe, it has been a solid step in the right direction for Nike in terms of a sleek silhouette that has the comfort of a running but with the fashion forward look.


Blockbuster Movies of Fall:

  Going back to entertainment of the season, going to the movie theatre might sound like a good idea to see the new action or comedy of the year, but other than the new Joker movie, there really is no new blockbuster movie out there, or is there?  “Rambo: Last Blood” stars Sylvester Stallone and is directed by Adrian Grunberg. Grunberg has produced many movies, but this was his most anticipated movie of his career. As of Oct. 1, the movie has generated 57.7 million dollars around the world and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Rotten Tomatoes views the movie as disappointing with a score of 27 percent out of 100, but the viewers are responding well with a rating of 83 percent. According to a top critic, James Berardinelli for Rotten Tomatoes, the movie is “an unwatchable piece of excrement.” Honestly, the comment was pretty harsh, but I do agree that the hype of the movie overstated the quality of the film. When watching this movie, it was disappointing and overall it wasn’t Stallone’s best film. 

Kofi Kessey, Staff Reporter


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