Meet the new social studies teachers


  The social studies hall has gained two new teachers this year. Both of these teachers  have a different story and reasoning for why they chose to start working at Ranch.

  One of the new teachers this year is social studies teacher, Jeff Bliven. Bliven has taught for eighteen years, but has been in education for a total of twenty five years. “So far, I’ve noticed a lot of positive changes here. The faculty has been very welcoming to me from the beginning and the students are very positive and involved,” said Bliven.

  He didn’t start his career in teaching, and for a while, he was a sports coach. Bliven noted that it was always in the back of his mind to become a teacher. 

  After living in Steamboat Springs for many years, Bliven and his wife decided to move closer to the Denver area. He said, “I was looking for a job near Denver and saw that there was an opening here. I know some people here, and they encouraged me to apply for the job.” Bliven mentioned looking forward to being involved in the school this year, and enjoys how “there’s a lot of school spirit, and student involvement.”

  The other new social studies teacher is Meg Chase, and she is a first-year teacher. Chase said, “I’m looking forward to becoming a better teacher day by day and looking forward to seeing how much my students have grown from August, all the way to May.”     

  When Chase has some free time, she enjoys exploring new places. “I enjoy finding new restaurants with friends and hanging out with my dogs,” said Chase.

  When Chase’s friend from college told her there was a spot open to work at Ranch, she decided to apply. She is excited for the year and has enjoyed how positive the community has been at Ranch. 

  Chase said her favorite thing so far “has been definitely getting to know my kids and watching them grow even in the first few weeks of school.”

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Graphic by Hannah McKinney