Seniors cross line with class prank



 According to U.S. news, “Senior pranks are generally stunts pulled by seniors designed to amuse the school community, and often not school-sanctioned, have been going on for generations.” But sometimes, the senior class takes it too far, whether there is stealing that occurs, damage to the school, or offensive content. The 2019 class took their prank too far about a week ago.

 For the senior prank, they drew on white boards, stacked desk/tables in the middle of rooms, and left toilet plungers all over the school. This was fine, but then students took finals tests, and stole calculators and other items from various classrooms around the school. “I am disappointed in the prank, as it was personal towards certain teachers of our school,” Chris Page, principal, said.  

 Two students were in charge of planning the prank and carrying it through. They were called in the following morning to clean up the school and return the classrooms back to how they were found.

 Personally, I think the past couple of classes have had similar pranks regarding the moving of desks, writing on whiteboards, and leaving items around for teachers to find. Having a harmless prank is completely fine; however, the 2019 class crossed the line when they started stealing and damaging school property.

 As stated above, senior pranks are meant to amuse the school community, including students and staff. When test and calculators are stolen, it jeopardizes the success of the students, and jeopardizes the teachers as now they have to create new tests and get more calculators for their students.

Alex Willman, Staff reporter